HP LaserJet P3005 Scanner Driver Download & Setup For Windows & Mac

HP LaserJet P3005 Scanner Driver Installation Without CD & Review

The HP LaserJet P3005 Scanner Driver Download & Setup For Windows & Mac is boxy, but its dull grey-and-putty colour scheme will combine into any normal office environment. It stands 16.7 inches broad, 16.1 inches deep, and 12.2 inches tall, and weighs almost 36 lbs. (The P3005x version is taller and thicker as a result of the excess paper tray.) It’s fairly small to get a mono laser printer, but might be on the big side for a little home office.

The 500-sheet paper tape pulls out of the front of the printer. It’s possible to correct the tray to maintain up to legal-length paper, even although the tape will stick from the rear of the printer. Over the tape stays a foldout multipurpose tray which holds up to 100 sheets of plain paper–handy for small print jobs on less popular media (you do not need to swap the contents out of the primary tray). The surface of the printer functions as the output, and a little extension flap helps maintain long prints in check.

HP LaserJet P3005

Despite minor disappointments, the HP Laserjet P3005 is still an adequate all-rounder. It is inexpensive to operate and reasonably fast, may be effective at especially stunning quality. As befits its legacy it is a good, reliable printer, but it’s just one problem: in many sections, the rivalry is just that little better.

HP LaserJet P3005 Scanner Driver Key Feature

The scanner operates by illuminating the document that the digital version wants to make and then directs the reflected light to the photosensitive element in the scanner itself. In most scanners, moderate acting as a detector is known as a Charged Coupled Device (CCD).

  • 1200DPI LGL PAR USB 48MB 110V
  • Maximum paper size A4
  • Mono print speed (measured) 32ppm
  • Input tray capacity 500 sheets
  • Output tray capacity 250 sheet
  • Other connections Parallel

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How to Install the HP LaserJet P3005 Driver Scanner?

OS CompatibleInstallationUninstall
  • Windows-10 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Windows-8,1(32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Windows-8 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Windows-7 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Mac OS (10.5) (10.6) (10.7) (10.8) (10.9) (10.10)

  • Download the driver file that you want to install on your laptop or computer.
  • Click open on the driver that you have downloaded.
  • Wait for the file to be arranged first.
  • And then click next on the icon in the lower right corner.
  • The next step is to have reviewed and accepted the installation agreements and settings.
  • Then click the next word again on the icon in the lower right corner.
  • And Then wait for a while and a column will appear in the lower right corner.
  • Then the last one reloads your computer so that the driver runs perfectly.

  • Open Windows Start.
  • Then select Control Panel and click.
  • Then you will find Uninstall a Program, select and click. if you don’t find it then you can search in the top left and then write Uninstall a Program.
  • Find the Officejet 4500 cellphone, then select and double-click then follow the instructions to delete your scanner driver.
  • Recommended: restart your computer to stabilize your computer again.

HP LaserJet P3005 Scanner Driver Downloads

 Driver For Windows 1017 MB
 Driver For Windows 8,117 MB
 Driver For Windows 817 MB
 Driver For Windows 718 MB
 Driver For Mac16 MB

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